Aunt Flo







First Appearance


Voiced by

Vernon Chatman

Aunt Flo is the personification of menstruation.


She is a red woman who emerges from a little girl's menstrual blood, during her first period, She explains to the girl about becoming a woman and takes the girl inside her "womanhood" to show her what happens during menstruation. She has blue eyes with bags, a leer on her face, a bun and a red dress with white trim and short sleeves. She has gold loop earrings and a beauty mark on the side. She also has a deep, gravelly voice.


Aunt Flo shows the girl the Ovarians, who cook up the eggs, the Crampies, who cause cramps and the Hormone Brothers, who build her emotional rollercoaster. She explains how her womanhood had gone commercial ever since the tourists found it.

There was also a churro stand, a milk and lemonade stand with fudge sold behind it, an ovary-bobbing tank and a period fashion store called Maxi's Pad.

When the girl falls into the river and a Crampie saves her, they kiss. However, Aunt Flo yells at her to stop and melts away when they kiss.


  • Her cartoon features allusions to both Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz.

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