Bettsy Beth Bethanie




Her Husband
The Bible



First Appearance


Portrayed by

Darlene Violette

Bettsy Beth Bethanie is an actress on Horse Apples.


She wears a white nightgown with a picture of a kitten and the American flag. Her black hair is styled with a little purple bow, and she wears make-up.


She loves her husband, even though he beats her. She eats roadkill like rich people eat caviar: not every day, it's a delicacy. She also lives in a trailer, and can't feel nothing in her heart.

She blames the US government for slaves having babies, and believes that the Christian church only serves to exacerbate the wounds of her spiritual ache. She hates it when city folk have the nerve to call them trash, and ask her to repeat everything they say for the benefit of anyone listening.

She's glad that her baby died in that dumpster, or she would have had to have taken the weekend off. As well, she doesn't hire retards at her job anymorem because she hates how they look down their noses at her when she's down on her knees at their feet.


  • She works at the "Horse n' Go" convenience store.
  • In a deleted scene, she tries to speak Mexican, but replies that it's a little rusty, because he keeps peeing in his cage.

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