Boogie Noogie Bunch


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First Appearance


Voiced by

John Lee
Vernon Chatman
Alyson Levy

The Boogie Noogie Bunch is a parody of the Care Bears.


They consist of Happy Boogie, Grumpy Boogie, Baby Boogie, Poopie Boogie and Urban Boogie. They like to snuggle clouds, give hugs and munch on cookies, but they especially love to Shuggie.

Trying to ShuggieEdit

When Grumpy Boogie wouldn't vote on Shuggie, the rest of them put on a Shuggie Huggy Show to get him to change his mind. In the end, it was revealed that Grumpy Boogie simply didn't like Urban Boogie, so they sent him up to a cloud for "Noogies Only".

With Grumpy Boogie's vote, they went to a cloud castle with "Shuggie" written on it and inside was a human chained up. It was revealed that Shuggie meant eating him alive.


  • There is one orange Boogie seen drinking beer.

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