Being a Lesbian

First Appearance


Voiced by

Alyson Levy

Clem is a country boy.


He was best friends with his dog and they did everything together. However, one day he was bitten by a raccoon and contracted rabies, so the his father told him he had to shoot Dusty in order to become a man and not a lesbian.

Young LifeEdit

After Dusty was shot, he got a hamster, but he got his sin on it so he had to put it down. When he shot the hamster, he shot off part of his father's leg, so he had to put it down.

All of this shooting eventually made the sound of a shot a trigger to put something down, even a toaster. It turned out that Clem had buried Dusty too close to the water and his rabies tainted the water supply. He had to go and put down everyone in town.

Old LifeEdit

When Clem was an old man reflecting on his life, Dusty came back to him. The buckshot didn't kill him and his rabies cleared up. Dusty then taunts the man, saying that he left this lesbi alone for two minutes and he murdered half the country!


  • Having to shoot his dog because of rabies is an allusion to the movie Old Yeller.

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