Dollar Sign






Freedom of Speech

First Appearance


Voiced by

Vernon Chatman

Dollar Sign is the personification of greed and wealth.


He is a gold puppet in the shape of a dollar sign, with two thin arms. He has two eyes, gray eyebrows and a mouth.

CoCOR InvolvementEdit

He was seen as the representitive for CoCOR. He instigated the deal to sign nature over to CoCOR, by giving Mother Nature the money she needed to finish her sex change operation. By owning nature, CoCOR was able to "jazz nature up" so it would be more attractive to the consumer.

When Truthfist was going to reveal the connection between CoCOR and Mother Goose, Dollar Sign assassinated him, calling himself a "patsy shooter" and distracting the media with a music video by Jessica Spears.


  • During the credits, he is seen being executed by an electric chair.
  • When Blackfist is assassinated, he is shot from his left side, but Dollar Sign emerges from the right.
  • He makes another appearance with a Chinese accent, telling Chauncey that chewties will make him rich.

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