Dr. Rawstien




His Wife


Black People

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Jon Glaser

Dr. Rawstien is an actor on Horse Apples.


He wears a white graphic T-shirt, jeans, and brown boots. His long brown hair is kept in a bandanna of the Texas flag. He has a stubble beard, and scabs on his face.


His fist is his wife's teacher, and she's having an affair with it. He also heard that white people were becoming a minority in the US.

He believes that getting lost on your own property is like getting lost in your own wood; that's a hillbilly solid. Recently, he order a mail-order bride from Cambodia. If you can't drive it or deep-fry it, he doesn't know what to do with it; so, he did all three to his new-born baby.

He was raped by his teacher, even though he is homeschooled. As well, he voted against his own interests. He believes that his nuts are even closer than his stomach when it comes to the way to a man's heart.

He successfully crossed a black man with a white woman, and got a black widow. And by that, he means he killed the woman, and gave the man a sex change.


  • His first name is Clem.
  • In a deleted scene, he talks to his fist about him beating his wife, but both of them find it hilarious anyway.
  • In a deleted scene, he tries to pick off his scabs.

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