Being Loved



First Appearance


Voiced by

John Lee

Fat is the leftovers from the Letter P's liposuction.


She is a squishy lump of fat, with two thin arms. She has two eyes looking in different directions, a misshapen nose and large mouth with one tooth.


She feels rejected by the Letter P having her removed and thrown in a dumpster. She appears as a ghostly vision in the Letter P's bedroom, pleading for her to let let back inside her body, but the Letter P denied her.

Before she leaves, Fat notes that she is a victim of maliciousness.

Love AffairEdit

After being dismissed, Fat goes down to a pond singing a sad song about being ugly and is then approached by Poop and it becomes love at first sight.

However, when the Letter P announced her plan to send her Fat to needy countries to end their suffering, Fat had to tell Poop that she had been drafted and would never see him again. Before she left, she let Poop "eat" her.

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