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Vernon Chatman

Future Chauncey is Chauncey's future self from two minutes in the future.


He is a furry yellow puppet with a black uni-brow. He wears a small dark green tophat, sunglasses, a leather jacket and shoes.


He is packed to the brim with cool, and can be described as rad-badical. The reason for his coolness is that he has "it". His mere presence causes Sthugar to instantly fall in love with him and makes Him wet.

He enjoys taunting Present Chauncey as he knows everything he's going to say or do and leaves him to die.

Time MachineEdit

Right before the gang was going to go back in time to mess with peoples' minds, he came out of the time machine to rock their minds and mess with the Present Chauncey. After turning his friends against him and leaving to traverse the ages, Present Chauncey tried to build another time machine to go back four minutes in the future to be cooler than Future Chauncey.

In his quest, Present Chauncey travels to Hell and gains a goat beard, making him extreme. Extreme Chauncey starts to show Future Chauncey up, so he challenges him to a general competition through all of time. However, they just end up going back to the beginning of the episode. Future Chauncey decides to call it a draw, but Extreme Chauncey still wants revenge. He changes his goat beard into a dagger and stabs himself in the heart, killing Future Chauncey.


  • While traversing time, he tea-bags a pterodactyl.


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