First Appearance


Voiced by

Alyson Levy

Jimmy is an imaginative school boy.


He is seen doodling dragons in class, then the teacher calls him up to solve a problem. When he picks up the chalk he imagines a dragon coming out of the problem on the chalkboard and proceeds to fight it. However, he was actually attacking his teacher with the chalk and killed her.


He was sent to the principal's office, who warned him that one more shenanigan and he'd be n trouble and that was this shenanigan. The principal told Jimmy to phone his mother, but as he picked up the phone he imagined it as a demonic phone in his power. He ended up killing the principal.

The police then entered, telling Jimmy to put down the phone. As they walked to him, he imagined them as rhinos, trucks, rockets and then hotdogs. Jimmy jumped on top f one of the hot dog and took a bite, which turned out to be an actual hot dog in his hand. As he looked devilishly as the hot dog, Jimmy the hot dog woke up from a nightmare about him being a human with an imagination.


  • His cartoon is a parody of the Looney Tunes character Ralph Phillips, who daydreams at school.
  • At the end of the cartoon, it is revealed that Jimmy was a hot dog all along and he was never human.

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