Jimmy Giggler




The Bible


Same Sex Couples

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Michael Birch

Jimmy Giggler is an actor on Horse Apples.


He gets his last name from his giggly laugh. He does not wear a shirt, only overalls, and a brown flappy hat to cover his head. He enjoys carrying around his gun with him.


Every morning, he wakes to the sound of roosters pecking at his crotch. He also can't get his wife to come to him, because he doesn't do anything to sexually entice her and is a failure as a husband.

He was recently thinking of killing himself, for a hair he could slice off a raccoon. He has made love to a lot of ladies in his time, but there's one thing he's never had: consent. He also bought a reclining toilet, so he can read the Bible while the spirit moves through him.

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