Letter P






Being Fat

First Appearance


Voiced by

Will Ryan

Letter P is a pop star.


She is a magenta capital letter P, with two thin arms. She has two eyes and a mouth.


Being fat made her vulnerable, so the gang let her come onto the show to sing. However, they began to taunt her because her disgusting body and she became upset, calling herself a victim of deliciousness.

Body ImageEdit

She was desperate to become skinny, so she went to the doctor to get liposuction. After the operation, she felt that she was pretty and perfect and ordered her fat to be thrown into a dumpster. Later that night, her fat came back as a ghostly vision, praying for her to let it back into her body. She cussed it out, announcing that she would be a pop princess. 

When the Right to Lard movement found out about her lipo, she was slandered with protests. Regardless, she states that she's too pretty to be victimized by the protesters and introduced the portable Lil' Devictimizer 9000, which she has strapped to herself for the remainder of the episode.

Upon winning the 131st Annual Victim Awards, she announced that she has a plan to end all world suffering: to send her fat to needy countries.


  • She had a fat lump which resembled a fetus.
  • Her fat had deformed her into a Letter B.
  • Her song is titled "Feed the World W/ Everything Dat's Sucked out my P-Ness".

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