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John Lee

Middle America is the driving force behind Horse Apples.


He is shaped like a map of the red states (i.e. the states whose electoral votes went to George W. Bush) in the 2004 United States presidential election.


He is dim-witted and arrogant and is a caricature of George W. Bush. After clipping all of the puppets then setting the clippings on fire, he decided to take over Wonder Showzen and change it into a hillbilly show.

Horse ApplesEdit

With the success Horse Apples becoming incredibly popular, Middle America erected a platinum castle in honour of his own blue collar modesty. Then, he had it deep fried in liquid-diamond hope.

When he became a trillionaire, he declared that he didn't need anyone anymore, including his adoring public. He decided to fly a hot air balloon around the world, above everyone else stuck on the ground. Chauncey, angered about how his previous friend changed, killed Middle America by making him crash in Antarctica.


  • He didn't die in Antarctica, he froze in an ice block. He was revived a million years later by aliens.
  • His attempt to fly a hot air balloon around the world is an allusion to the millionaire Steve Fossett's similar attempts.


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