Mr. Hostage






Fat Kids

First Appearance


Portrayed by

David Cross

Mr. Hostage is a man who was captured.


Before he was cranally bisected by his captor, he was granted one wish, which was to read a story to the children.

Story TimeEdit

He proceeded to tell them a story about a bunny rabbit, who loved children very much, but the bunny had to go bye-bye. However, as he told the story, the kids kept talking to one another, and Mr. Hostage repeatedly blamed it on one fat kid.

After a few instances he warns the kids that if any of them pass notes he'll read it up front. He continues his story, with when the bunny goes up to heaven, he'll be watching over them, and be able to see everything they do, just like how Mr. Hostage sees Ryan with a note. He made her give him the note, and he read, "I am stupid. I am a dummy-dumb, dooky-headed poop piece. Me, the guy reading the note. I am. So blooming dumb, I do not even realize that I have just been totally moted. Me hump monkey". When he finished, Ryan could be seen crying.

He then told Larry, his captor, that he was ready. As his throat was slit, blood sprayed onto the children from the TV screen.

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