Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate March 25, 2005
Production No. 103
Writers Vernon Chatman
John Lee
Animators Augenblick Studios
Ben Jones
Devin Flynn
Santiago Cohen
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Ocean is the third episode of the first season.


The gang discovers a map to the greatest treasure of all: a bottomless chalice of pure liquid imagination.


  • "There's something stuck up your urn-hole!"
  • Tyler Time: I'm Good
  • Pottymouth (cartoon)
  • Breaking News: A Violent Decrease In Violence
  • Beat Kids: Racetrack
  • Slaves! (song)
  • H.O.B.O. Ops (cartoon)
  • Future Hobo (bumper)
  • Q&A: What is your Greatest Wish?
  • "Oh, Charity! Take it! Take the whole thing! It's a write off!"
  • Tyler Time: Feeding a Skull
  • I Think Warthogs Are Beautiful (bumper)
  • "I'm on TV!" (bumper)
  • Smash Your TV and Have Adventures (song)
  • "Oh Chauncey! Work it!"
  • "I never thought of freeing the slaves" (bumper)
  • If I Were A Pony (cartoon)
  • Tyler Time: The Difference Between Special and Wonderful
  • "My favourite passage from the Bible" (bumper)
  • No Brushy (bumper)
  • "I've suckled from the teat of cosmic truth!"
  • Tyler Time: Tyler 
  • Clarence: Will You Accept Jesus?
  • Funny/Not Funny
  • "It's not real liquid imagination, it's just plain tap water."
  • Alternate Credits: Imagination
  • Screaming Vagrant Remix (stinger)


  • This episode was brought to you by the ocean, Tyler and dedicated to the memory of Him Sr. It was also brought to you by slavery and fun.

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