Party Ice is on the album Rock, Rocker, Rocketh and United We Doth.


Bye baby,
(I gave you)
Twenty dollars spent.
He said to me,
(And I said I shouldn't be long)
Why are you crying?

When all there is,
(He told me to go to the great bucks store)
Is two-cent coffee.
And then he said,
All alone it's...

Party ice.
Let's go party ice!
Party ice,
Party ice.

Then I wanted to be told,
(All alone, I had never given any)
That I had never been true.
(And you know, what you want)
I know what you want,
When all you want is,
Let's have fun!

Party ice.
Party party ice!
Party party ice,
Party party ice!
Party ice.

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