Permantly Preggy Peggy







First Appearance


Portrayed by

Heather Lawless

Permantly Preggy Peggy is an actress on Horse Apples.


She gets her name from getting pregnant all the time. She wears a red polka-dot T-shirt open at the bottom, with another white shirt underneath. Her brown hair is kept in pigtails, she wears make-up, and is missing two teeth.


She tends to drink beer all the time, even when she's pregnant. Recently, she has also tested positive for super AIDS.

She has the good kind of racism: testicular. As well, she hopes that one day, her baby will be swinging on the tree, by the noose hanging from it. She doesn't like that Godless scientists think that humans descended from monkeys; how can that be true, she doesn't even know what any of those words mean.

Her father rounded up all of her bad teeth and shipped them off to prison, which is why she is missing some teeth today.


  • She is dating Baby Pervis, but her pregancy isn't his.
  • In a deleted scene, she plans on marrying a shovel, so her daddy can dig her back out.
  • In a deleted scene, she reveals that she is going to name her baby after its daddy, Mysterious Rapist Junior, the 3rd.

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