Rainy Day is on the album Chrome Ghost.


Rain's so better when I write,
Toast this morning, was it the rain?
Or was it just you,
When I washed your words,
Washed them all away.

I know what I wanted,
Know what to say.
It was just a nightmare storm,
Don't speak.

Rainy day, I've been waiting,
Waiting for your call.
And I, couldn't get to what,
What I've tried to say all along.

Like a check that wouldn't catch.
Like a check that won't tether cash.
Like a manger and without his purple sash.
Like a love that you knew would never last.
That's the way.

Rainy day, I've been long awaiting you,
I've been without you, couldn't be true.
Rainy day, I'm not new at this,
Does that bother you?

And all this,
Can be washed away.

Rainy day, I love waiting for you.
Rainy day, all the long waiting for you.
Rainy day, and we're all in this,
All in this together.
Rainy day, I've been waiting,
Waiting for so long.

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