Scooter McJimmy







First Appearance


Voiced by

John Lee

Scooter is a hillbilly boy genius.


He has a metal contraption covering his large bald head. He wears makeshift glasses, overalls, rocket boots, and has a pencil behind his ear.


He saves Lippy from a bar of soap which he thinks is a monster, and he explains it is what city folk use to smell like flowers. He then helps Bappy, who tried to eat taters, but they keep coming out of his butt, and he wanted them to stay in his belly. So, Scooter plugged up the "hole" with a cork.

Bappy then leads him to Ducket, who after finishing humping on his wife (the dog), he saw guys on his TV bass fishing. He wanted to go and join them, because he's hungry. Scooter tells him to just get a running start and jump in, but Ducket just slams his head into the screen and gets birds spinning around his head.

Scooter then takes the birds and fries them up on a pan, then gives them to Ducket. While eating them, Ducket says that they're so tasty that he could make a million dollars off of them. With the idea, Scooter opens up a "Fried-Up Birdies" stand, which becomes so popular there's a line throughout all of Middle America.


  • He is a parody of Jimmy Neutron.
  • As a deleted scene to the episode "Knowledge", his cartoon never aired.

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