T-Totaled Timbo







First Appearance


Portrayed by

David Cross

T-Totaled Timbo is an actor on Horse Apples.


He is always seen behind jail bars. He wears a plaid shirt with the sleeves crudely cut off. His brown hair is covered by a baseball cap.


He notes that some city slickers thinks that his people marry their cousins. But then, why would we marry his grandma?

He believes that low-brow is a guy who farts the national anthem, while high-brow is a guy who stand up and puts his hand on his heart... now that's what he calls WHEY!

When he was 33, he saw a Chinaman walking through his town looking all different. There was only one of him, but he still couldn't tell him apart. He still couldn't tell that individual human being apart.


  • In a deleted scene, he beckons the audience to come closer, only to ask if his butt smells funny to them.
  • In a deleted scene, he asks the audience so you think he's stupid? Well... you're... hanging... on... his... every... word.
  • In a deleted scene, he pretends to be pregnant, then gives birth to the Texas flag, and tells his grandparents that it's a crackle.
  • In a deleted scene, he asks a stranger if he has any silver bullets, because his wife gave birth to a wolf baby. When the stranger replies "oh shoot", Timbo says that's what he wanted to do to himself.

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