Uncle Daddy




The Bible
Junkyard Jessip


Black People

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Zach Galifianakis

Uncle Daddy is an actor on Horse Apples.


He wears a plaid shirt with red suspenders, and blue jeans. He has a thick dark brown beard with a lighter horseshoe moustache.


He heard that the first US president had a slave baby, and blames black people for cats getting fat. He also woke up Pigmeat because he was having a nightmare, which was about to start as Uncle Daddy just got a boner.

He knows that it can get awful lonely in the garage, so he recommends you build a Bible Buddy, out of a stack of bibles and a wig. He likes his women like he likes his moonshine: drunk, paid for, and totally shaved.

He hunts, but he uses every part of the kill, for pleasure. And sometimes, it's the using it for pleasure that causes the kill. Also, he was considering getting together with Jessip's sister, but Jessip warned him that by the time he got to them they were sloppy twelfths.

For Jessip's truck, he made him a letter J, but when Jessip asked Daddy to read it to him, neither of them could.


  • He sleeps in a bed with Pastor Pigmeat, and Junkyard Jessip.
  • In a deleted scene, he welcomes the audience to his workbench, then tells them to get off his property while he sticks a rifle in his mouth.
  • In a deleted scene, he says that he thought he found his wife's g-spot, but it turned out to be her c-section, so she kicked him in the T's.
  • In a deleted scene, he was thinking that they should lynch people that are different from them. Jessip didn't like him being a thinker, and tried to get people to string him up. However, these people were only in his head.

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