Wonder Showzen Premies


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Voiced by

John Lee
Alyson Levy
Vernon Chatman

Wonder Showzen Premies are the baby versions of the puppet gang.


When they were playing quietly, a duckling waddled into their room. They all wanted to play with it, but instead ripped him apart by accident and quickly put him back together with tape and staples.

Miracle of DeathEdit

Before returning to play with him again, Wordsworth reveled in the fact that this duckling has seen death and returned with the wisdom of the hereafter. Chauncey then wanted to try it, and witnessed himself humping the grim reaper, chanting "and the strong shall devour the meek's reward," suddenly, the grim reaper is beheaded. Him wanted to try next, and witnessed a dark tunnel leading to a donkey.

After Him was brought back, their mommy walked in, congratulating them on playing to quietly, so they were rewarded with ice cream. Chauncey was suddenly reminded of the phrase he heard while dead, so he killed the duckling and blamed it on Wordsworth. Their mother let Chauncey have Wordsworth's ice cream.


  • They are a parody of Muppet Babies.
  • Their mothers are lips with legs.